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What's new in Iristick SDK 1.3

This is a feature release that is backward-compatible with previous 1.x releases. Applications built with SDK 1.0 up to 1.2 will continue to work with Iristick Services 1.3 without recompiling. Applications built with SDK 1.3 however require Iristick Services 1.3 or later to be installed.

Iristick.H1 support

This release adds support for the Iristick.H1 model. Most existing apps should not require any changes to support the new model. The rest of this section describes to the new features of the Iristick.H1 that might impact your app.

Reversible device

The Iristick.H1 can be used by both right and left eye dominant users by flipping it upside down. The rotation of display and camera frames according to the orientation of the device is taken care of by the SDK. When the device is flipped while connected, this will appear to the applications as if the headset has been disconnected and reconnected again.

In order to support both orientations, the Iristick.H1 comes with two central cameras, one looking slightly downwards and one looking slightly upwards. Currently, only the downwards-looking camera can be accessed by applications.

Portrait orientation of central cameras

To increase the vertical field of view, the central cameras are mounted in portrait orientation. The resulting frames are cropped to the desired landscape resolution. By setting the SCALER_OFFSET key in capture requests, applications can digitally move the capture window up (with a negative vertical offset) or down (with a positive vertical offset). If the key is not set, the Default camera inclination setting of Iristick Services will be used.

Higher resolution display

The Iristick.H1 comes with a 2.5× higher resolution display than the previous generation, while keeping the same aspect ratio. Application user interfaces that are not resolution-independent may need to be adapted.

Iristick.G2 support

This release adds support for the Iristick.G2 model. The G2 shares most characteristics of its predecessor, the Iristick.G1. The most notable change is the inclusion of improved central camera sensors that are mounted in portrait orientation, as for the Iristick.H1. See the discussion above for the potential impact for applications.

Advanced voice commands

The API for registering custom voice commands has been overhauled in this release. In addition to simple lists of commands, complex grammars can now be created to recognize different user inputs, such as numbers, dates, etc. See the documentation of the VoiceGrammar class for details on how to build complex grammars. The Headset.startVoice and Headset.stopVoice methods can then be used to start or stop listening for commands matching the grammar.

Building on top of VoiceGrammar, the new VoiceCommandDispatcher class provides a convenient way to register a simple list of voice commands with callbacks attached to each command. Using VoiceCommandDispatcher is now the recommended way of registering simple voice commands. The examples code has been updated accordingly.

Color preview during barcode scanning

When scanning for barcodes, using the BARCODE capture request template, the captured frames will now show up in full color instead of being converted to grayscale.

Deprecation notices

The Headset.registerVoiceCommands and Headset.unregisterVoiceCommands methods have been deprecated in favor of the more convenient VoiceCommandDispatcher class.

The FORMAT capture request key has been deprecated. The required pixel format should be provided when creating the ImageReader output instead.

Patch releases since 1.3

Release 1.3.1

  • Preliminary support for Android 12.
  • Improved audio quality on G1 and G2 headsets by removing speaker over-amplification.
  • Fixed initial orientation detection of H1 headsets.
  • Fixed wrong auto-exposure in 1080p mode under some lighting conditions.
  • Fixed auto-white balance of the center camera on G2 headsets.
  • Fixed still captures on G2 and H1 center cameras.
  • Fixed occasional purple banding artefacts on G2 and H1 center cameras.
  • Added firmware for H07 hardware.
  • Restored support for old B06 hardware.

Release 1.3.2

  • Improved audio on H1 headsets.
  • Improved image quality on the center cameras of G2 and H1 headsets.
  • The examples app now enable scanning PDF417 and Aztec barcodes.
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes.

Release 1.3.3

  • Improved audio for H1 headsets when using earpieces.
  • Added firmware for B10, B11, H08, G03, J03 hardware.
  • Bugfixes.

Release 1.3.4

  • Updated permissions descriptions to meet Play Store requirements.