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What's new in Iristick SDK 1.1

This is a minor feature release that is backward-compatible with previous 1.0 releases. Applications built with SDK 1.0 will continue to work with Iristick Services 1.1 without recompiling. Applications built with SDK 1.1 however require Iristick Services 1.1 or later to be installed.

Extended voice commands

The Iristick Services got a French translation and learned to understand French voice commands. The new language support will be automatically selected when French is selected as primary language in the Android settings. Have a look at the voice API guide for the list of translated built-in voice commands.

Two new global voice commands have been added to suspend (say Iristick suspend) and wake up the phone (say Iristick wake up). The new commands can be disabled in the Iristick Services settings if they are not desired or to save power.

API additions

New APIs allow to better introspect the state of connected devices. The Headset class got a getSerialNumber() method to retrieve the serial number of a connected headset. The new IristickConnection2 abstract class can be extended instead of IristickConnection to get notified of global services state changes and connected pocket units. The PocketUnit objects can then be used to retrieve the serial number and battery level of the connected pocket unit.

Interaction rules learned the KEYBOARD_VOICE key to allow the application's voice commands to still be recognized while the keyboard is open.

The ACTION_VIEW intent now looks for an EXTRA_EXIT_ON_ZOOM_OUT extra. If set to true, the image viewer will close when the user asks to zoom out through a voice command while the view is already completely zoomed out. Note that this has no effect when using the touchscreen or the headset's touchpad.

The ERROR_NOT_INSTALLED error code in IristickConnection has been split into ERROR_NOT_INSTALLED_UNATTACHED and ERROR_NOT_INSTALLED_ATTACHED codes. This allows to detect the presence of an attached pocket unit even when the Iristick Services are not installed on the phone.

Other changes

The ACTION_SCAN_BARCODE intent now shows a button to turn the flashlight on or off when scanning for a barcode. The flashlight can also be controlled with the flashlight voice command.

The brightness of the heads-up display can now be set in the Iristick Services settings. The backlight of the heads-up display will also automatically turn off when the phone is suspended.

Deprecation notices

The ERROR_NOT_INSTALLED error code of IristickConnection is now an alias for ERROR_NOT_INSTALLED_UNATTACHED and has been marked as deprecated. Applications built with SDK 1.1 must be prepared to handle the new ERROR_NOT_INSTALLED_ATTACHED error code.

Patch releases since 1.1

Release 1.1.1

  • The continuous tone in external earpieces has been removed.
  • The LED of the pocket unit now indicates more clearly when the device is charging rapidly.
  • Video recording is not stopped anymore when the screen orientation changes.
  • Miscellaneous bugs have been fixed.