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Welcome to the Iristick SDK 1.3.4


The latest version of the SDK is available at

Welcome to the Iristick developer site. Iristick smart glasses are industrial smart glasses that connect to an Android smartphone, enhancing the phone's capabilities with additional display, cameras, microphones, speaker, and other sensors mounted on the headset. For more information about the smart glasses, please visit

In contrast to standalone smart glasses, Iristick smart glasses are best thought of as smartphone accessories, i.e., they extend the phone's features rather than replacing them. Applications built for Iristick smart glasses run on the phone and may use both the features of the phone and of the connected Iristick smart glasses.

Thanks to Android's open design, most smart glasses features are integrated with the operating system. For example, when smart glasses are connected, audio is automatically played on the headset speaker. The headset display mirrors the phone's display. The headset touchpad allows to navigate through the widgets on the screen. When the phone is burried away in a pocket or a pouch, the user interface is optimized for the heads-up display. Hence, simple applications might work without any modifications with the Iristick smart glasses. Using this SDK allows to further optimize the user experience on the Iristick smart glasses.

Due to technical constraints of the Android operating system, some features, such as the cameras or the inertial sensors, are not natively integrated. The use of this SDK is required to get access to those features.

Read the Getting Started guide for more information. The complete SDK, including libraries, APKs, example code, and this documentation can be downloaded as one package through the following link.

Download SDK package