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Some Iristick smart glasses models, such as the Iristick.G1 PRO, Iristick.G2 PRO and Iristick.H1, can be controlled with voice commands. By default, when the phone display is mirrored in the heads-up display, voice commands for clickable elements will be discovered using the android:contentDescription layout property. If that property is not specified, a voice command may be inferred from the displayed text.

The language of the voice recognition engine is derived from the primary system language. If the system language is not supported, English will be used as fallback. The following languages are supported:

  • English
  • French

Using the API, applications may customize the behavior of voice commands and register additional voice commands that are independent of elements shown on the screen.


On models without voice recognition, voice commands will be ignored. Using the API to configure or register voice commands will not throw any error.

Voice commands may also be disabled by the user through a setting of the Iristick Services.

Built-in voice commands


Built-in voice commands are not part of the stable API and may change between releases.

Global commands

The following commands are always available unless disabled by API.

Action English French
Simulate back button Go backwards Retourner
Scroll down1 Scroll next page Défiler en avant
Scroll up1 Scroll previous page Défiler en arrière
Put phone to sleep Iristick suspend Iristick mettre en veille
Wake up phone Iristick wake up Iristick réveil


The following commands are available when the Iristick on-screen keyboard is shown.

Action English French
Insert letter Letter Lettre
Insert digit Digit Chiffre
Insert symbol Symbol Symbole
Switch to lowercase Lowercase Minuscule
Switch to uppercase Uppercase Majuscule
Lock uppercase All uppercase Tout en majuscules
Close keyboard Close keyboard Fermer clavier
Delete last character Backspace character Effacer caractère
Delete last word Backspace word Effacer mot
Delete last line Backspace line Effacer ligne
Delete everything Clear all Effacer tout


Multiple letter, digits or symbols may be spelled at once after saying the character category (e.g., saying Digit 4 2 will enter 42). Letters may be spelled using the NATO alphabet for increased precision.


The following commands are available when opening the standalone Iristick camera app, or in the ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE intent.

Action English French
Take picture Capture Capturer
Toggle center/zoom camera Switch camera Changer de caméra
Go to movie recorder2 Record video Enregister une vidéo

The following commands are available when going to the movie recorder in the standalone Iristick camera app, or in the ACTION_VIDEO_CAPTURE intent.

Action English French
Start recording video Start recording Démarrer enregistrement
Stop recording video Stop recording Arrêter enregistrement
Temporarily pause recording Pause recording Interrompre enregistrement
Resume paused recording Resume recording Reprendre enregistrement
Toggle center/zoom camera Switch camera Changer de caméra
Go to still capture mode 2 Take a picture Prendre une photo

The following commands are available after taking a picture or recording a video through an intent to confirm the capture (the standalone Iristick camera app does not show the confirmation view).

Action English French
Confirm and return to app Confirm Confirmer
Launch movie player Replay video Revoir vidéo

Barcode scanner

The following commands are available in the ACTION_SCAN_BARCODE intent.

Action English French
Toggle flashlight Flashlight Lampe de poche

Image viewer

The following commands are available in the ACTION_VIEW intent.

Action English French
Zoom in Zoom in Zoom avant
Zoom out Zoom out Zoom arrière
Unlock moving around Start moving Démarrer panoramique
Lock moving around Stop moving Arrêter panoramique
Go to overview Show overview Vue d'ensemble
Go back to detail Show detail Vue de détail

  1. Scroll down/up actions are only available if there is a single scrollable view visible. 

  2. Only available in the standalone Iristick camera app