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Connecting a phone to Iristick smart glasses

Minimum requirements of the phone

In order to use Iristick smart glasses with a smartphone, the smartphone must comply with the following minimum requirements:

  • Android 7 operating system or later; Android 8 or later is strongly recommended due to important bug fixes in the display subsystem
  • USB Type-C connector
  • USB Host functionality

Install Iristick Services

The Iristick Services app is an Android application that has to be installed on all smartphones that are used together with Iristick smart glasses. The app handles all interaction with the smart glasses hardware and provides the implementation of the Iristick API described in this documentation.

There are three ways of installing the Iristick Services app: manually, through Google Play, or through F-Droid.


The APK of Iristick Services can be downloaded with the following link:

The APK is also provided in the SDK ZIP package.

Through Google Play

The Iristick Services app is available on the Google Play Store.

Through F-Droid

F-Droid is an open-source application store that provides an alternative to the Google Play Store. In contrast to the latter, it allows the use of external private software repositories, like the one provided by Iristick, and does not require a Google account.


On Android 7, the Android device must first allow the installation of software outside of the Google Play Store. Go to the System Preferences, in the Security category, enable Unknown sources.

On Android 8, the operating system will ask to grant individual applications (the browser and F-Droid) the right to install third-party applications.

Download and install F-Droid from After installation, launch F-Droid and wait for its repositories to be synchronized. Go to the Settings tab, open the Repositories settings, and click on the + button in the toolbar. Enter the following repository address:

Leave the Fingerprint field blank and click on Add. Wait again for F-Droid to synchronize. If desired, the standard F-Droid repository can be disabled.

All Iristick applications are available in the Iristick category.

Connect to Iristick smart glasses

Connect the pocket unit to the Android phone with the USB cable, and the glasses to the pocket unit with the coax cable. Android may ask to grant permission to Iristick Services to use the USB device.


To avoid showing the USB permission dialog in the future, make sure to check Use by default for this USB device. Android will remember your choice for this specific pocket unit. If you use another pocket unit, you will get the dialog again.

A notification saying Iristick headset connected will appear. If you get a notification with Synchronizing firmware instead, do not detach the Iristick devices until synchronization is done. After a few minutes, the Iristick headset connected notification should appear.

On first use, the Iristick Services will ask for some permissions. Tap on the Permissions required notification and grant all permissions to make full use of the Iristick smart glasses.

You may want to increase the phone's display size to improve readability on the heads-up display. A shortcut to the display settings are provided in the Iristick Services settings.

Optional: try out the examples app

The APK of the example code is included in the SDK ZIP package. It is also available on the Google Play Store and in the F-Droid repository. The examples app can be used to try out various functionalities of the Iristick smart glasses.